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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 29, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone i am michele griego >> i am brian hackney. floodwaters are rising as tropical storm isaac crawls across the gulf states.
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>> some areas are already under several feet of water and karen brown shows us that many who chose to ride out the storm are now awaiting rescue. she is out there braving the elements right now and joins us live from new orleans. >> they have had more than 10 in. of rain here in new orleans and we continue to get pounded. we have driven around the city and power lines are down, signs are down, trees are down, you can see the tree behind me. in the heart of the french quarter. further south where dozens of people have had to be rescued, in fact things are much worse. >> firefighters used axes to break through the roof of a home that was under water in louisiana. they pulled a man and his dog to safety. boats rescued dozens of people that were stranded on their rooftops after floodwaters came over and 18 mi. stretch of lesley outside of new orleans. the water was over 15 ft. high
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in one neighborhood. >> water is over the top of the roof. we had to break through the ceiling and go through the attic. >> the massive storm is turning slowly overland, pumping almost an inch of rain per hour in some areas south and pounding the gulf coast with a steady 60 m.p.h. wind. some of the most intense weather hit a warrants at daybreak, and they have about 3000 of these police officers cruising the streets, they have the national guard actually embedded with local police officers. you can see part of the convoy going by right now. they are determined to keep law and order in this city as the storm moves through. this longtime new orleans resident is glad to see the show of force. >> they're doing a great job. >> you feel safe? >> i do. it is not like katrina up. >> power has been knocked out to hundreds of thousands in southern louisiana and utility companies say that the wind is
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still too strong in some areas to send out repair crews. your taking a live look at one of the buildings here in jackson square, getting pounded in this storm. they do expect a flood damaged and the wind damage to go well into the evening, that is why the mayor of new orleans has instituted a dusk to dawn curfew. the army corps of engineers says that so far new orleans levee system is doing exactly what it is supposed to >> thank you so much. and right now, wants has been tracking the path of the storm in the cbs 5 weather center en youkilis minutes ago that it is in downgraded? >> it has just been downgraded to tropical storm because the eye of the storm system finally made landfall. then begins to lose some of them moister that fuels the storm. if you concede that i as it makes way to the southwest of new orleans. just a tremendous storm system dumping tons of rain, we have
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reports the rainfall totals since the night in borland's of about 9 in.. garden city check in with 16 in. of rain since midnight. and another four before that. so they are at the 20 in. market. sustained winds of 70 m.p.h., it looks like it will continue to track through northwest at 6 mi. per hour meaning that they are not done with the storm by a long shot. we're still talking about a major flooding event and that could be a very messy couple of days in that part of the state. >> a massive fire that gutted a south san jose business kept emergency crews busy overnight. but it was not the building they were concerned with. >> it was what was inside. ann mackovic is here with why firefighters decided that they had to let it burn. >> firefighters called a volatile, fast-moving, and toxic. the fire burned for hours at his nursery, this is video posted on
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youtube overnight. >> it was growing more rapidly than you would normally expect in the structure >> the fire broke out before midnight in these pictures were taken soon after as firefighters were assessing the situation. >> i were seeing green slings and purple plans, different colors. that told that we had a different things burning. >> those were the chemicals inside, fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. the guadalupe river runs behind the building so there were worries that toxic runoff would contaminate the water and that is why firefighters decided to let the fire burn itself out the area manager got the call around midnight. >> 50 years of memories and all that kind of stuff, just blowing up, it is a wooden buildings so you knew holding would go, it is tough. >> it used to be a woolworth's and is now part of the summer winds chain. people came to see what remains
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for themselves today. >> it has been here forever, the whole neighborhood goes to it. >> these are all my friends, we had a slow season, so this is pretty bad going into winter >> with half of their plants remain, the 02 knocked on the building and get a temporary stand built. >> we can just get back into the plant's business, we will be happy. selling christmas trees. >> early testing shows that only negligible amounts of contaminants were released into the air and water, firefighters believe this fire was accidental. >> ec investigators are searching for 29 i-pass that were stolen from the hall of science. the campus newspaper reports the missing gadgets cost more than $13,000. also missing is an android in tablet and headphones. police say they were able to track down stolen electronics on craig's list and other web sites. they recovered 39 campus computers stolen just last month. and police in pleasanton looking
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for an impersonator wanted for sexual assault in the east bay. the victim says it happened early morning august death on valley avenue and she helped police come up with a sketch. she says that the man used a siren and a flashing light to pull her over and then he handcuffed her and assaulted her in the back of his car. a central valley mother fight off it would be kidnapper, investigators say that a man wearing a ski mask broke into a home near fresno yesterday, knocking the mother to the floor and then the man grabbed the woman's two year-old daughter and ran for his car. the mother got a shot gun and ordered the attacker to release the girl. he did, and then he drove away. in the bay area we have a flood of our our own but this one is man-made. a water main opened a massive sinkhole in san fransisco forcing people out of their homes. cate caugurian is here with exactly what the city is doing about it. >> well, the first priority for the city is to get the people who are basically forced to be
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evacuated, back in. they're working on that right now, there building in a temporary pedestrian bridge. so that they can make the area around here safer for neighbors to walk around. after that i still have a lot of work to do. puc,, and the apartment building inspection back on scene. they say that their first priority is to determine the criteria to get people back into their homes. all of the homes here now have access to water and electricity. and that temporary pedestrian bridge is expected to be done in the next few hours. nearby, at the school students get an extended vacation as cleanup crews try to get the school back in order. we know that a dozen families were displaced by the water main break, homes were flooded and there was damage to a nearby business and one church. this morning families were allowed to go back into their homes and grab whatever they needed.
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try and get a better look at that pipe, they say that it will take a few days to assess basically what went wrong here. and that a kind of get this cleared up in the next couple of weeks. >> thank you. and now onto campus in 2012 coverage. the second full day at the republican national convention will focus on foreign-policy and the running mate, of mitt romney, paul ryan. he will accept his nomination tonight as he gets ready to take the spotlight, republican heavy hitters are busy promoting paul ryan to the voters. >> i think that people are going to meet paul ryan the way i have gotten to know him. he is in politics for the right reasons and at this time tomorrow it will have a lot of new fans across this country. >> in his speech paul ryan is expected to top up mitt romney and that is what ann romney was doing this morning at a women for mitt romney breakfast. she talked about her husband's
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decision to run for president. >> he gave me all the arguments, how hard it would be to win the primary and to be seated president. blah blah, i said to talk to the hand. >> her 18 grandchildren joined her on stage after that address. we are real-time updates from the republican convention on twitter. that is from >> still ahead, just call her asocial media maven.,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> stocks are up slightly today on word of better than expected economic growth. and an uptick in home sales. right now let's take a look at the board, you concede that the dow is up a little more than 20 points. >> official fired during the salaries can zero in the city of bell, a former official suing the city for severance pay. he made as much as $421,000 per year in his role as general services director. now he wants $837,000 in compensation. plus unused vacation and sick time, an attorney for the city of bell calls that demand " outrageous ". and it was shut down by the feds , the berkeley marijuana club has found a new home.
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the owners says she's not worried about threats from the authorities. they were forced to close in may because the dispensaries was too close to schools. they sold more than $15 million worth of marijuana prettier and their new home is just down the street from the old one on san pablo avenue and. santa clara great america had a big announcement today. >> it had nothing to do with the 49 years. it was all about a new roller coaster, the old striker will be the tallest in fast as the northern california. it will open in the spring of 2014. >> are you a fan of roller coasters? >> my parents would take me to the boardwalk, so that was my first experience, and those are great roller coasters. >> this special honor for a facebook user from menlo park, >> and an,,,,,,,,
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>> volunteering is a great way to give back to the community but a bay area lawmaker says it can be a great way to land a permanent job. congress woman check this beer in san mateo recently launched a program aimed to help job- seekers network with other volunteers while performing a
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valuable community service. this morning the group's first held a playground at the coyote point recreation center. >> lets cut a check on the weather, lawrence karnow has been tracking the storm in the gulf coast all day long, it has been downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm. >> it is going to be very messy, it is moving so slow that it will see a tremendous amount of brain and the next couple days we will see all the damage. in the bay area, what a contrast. it is cord is out there right now. a lot of sunshine and great weather coming throughout the afternoon. 82 degrees in concord and 84 in livermore and 75 in downtown san francisco and 79 degrees in san jose. throughout the afternoon we are enjoying a beautiful summer sunshine, a little hot in some spots inland. likely to see a few clouds along the coastline, staying clear in the interior valleys but we have cooler weather coming in our direction. high-pressure in the desert southwest, a trough waiting to
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make headway. we're left with very nice weather today and probably tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon we will notice changes with a stronger sea breeze kicking in late in the day. fresno at 99 degrees, 96 in sacramento. as you travel around the bay you will see sunshine and a gorgeous weather today, 84 in san jose and 80 in fremont and 80 degrees in san mateo. patchy fog and sunshine. mainly in the '60s but in the east bay some 80s and 90s there. but inside of the bay cooler but very nice, 75 in alameda and 80 degrees in oakland. 77 degrees in mill valley . >> couple of days, very similar. cooling things off late in the day tomorrow but not before the temperatures bike again. friday and saturday, much below the average. " this weekend? the unofficial end of summer. i do not even like to talk about it, but i have to. it is labor day and is going to be nice. >> the weather is great this
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time of year. >> that is the funny thing, we the best weather of the entire year. >> that is the theory. >> a discovery blast germany back into world war two. the explosion lit up the night sky in munich in sparked fires on nearby rooftops. the weapon is a world war two bomb, found this week, it was too volatile to move so german authorities designated the shall after evacuating 3000 people. hours later, officers actually found another bomb exploded world war two bomb at an airport in amsterdam. >> it is not unusual to be on facebook and collect friends the way driver collects lynched. but it is unusual when you are a centenarian. we are introducing you to the world's oldest facebook user. >> her name is forest and for the moment she is the social
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media at its peril. out of nearly 1 billion user she is the oldest registered user on the planet earth at 101. >> you don't think it is cool that you were the oldest person using facebook on earth? >> it is a matter of circumstance. it just happens to be that way. >> she got on facebook two years ago after taking a computer class at a community center. she has become friends with 700 people but only up loaded two dozen photographs, she was born in 1911 and graduate high school in 1928 and college in 1932. a former schoolteacher postings like " isn't it good that we don't need to face politics on facebook ". >> i notice that your very polite, is that your approach on facebook? >> well, yes. in fact everyone who seems to be otherwise, i get rid of. >> this got her a vip tour of headquarters for and a half miles away from her house, she met mark zuckerberg and said he was " reserved ". >> he was very pleasant but he
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was not looking for anyone to appreciate him. he is good enough within himself. >> the facebook c 00 posted this photograph and it went viral. florence and logged on and got 1000 friends request. >> i sent you a friend request, would you expect? >> if i remember your name, yes. >> it is stiff competition from around the globe but she made sure that she became my friend right there on the spot. she says the secret to a long life is good jeans and a good attitude. >> do you think that this book will help people live longer? >> no. >> she would know. isn't that great? >> the want to know her secret. >> she was born in 1911,,,,,,,,,
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>> today's tip of the day is going to be with chickpeas, they have that wonderful flavor when you miss it with different greens, a greek salad, it balances it and is it that bite that you need. right now they are available at good prices and locally grown
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but you need to select and store them right to get at people flavor that chicory has. let's talk about selection, when you buy it, just like this, nice and green. where it has been cut, free from any grounding and the main thing is that it needs to stand straight up like this, and nice and white. when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator right away and open the plastic bag, because of the do not, that little moisture from the sprinklers, they put it in a plastic bag and close up and will start to decay. open it up and try it out and then put it in the refrigerator. fine or fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> that is good advice. coming up at 5:00, men and chocolate, it is a good thing. >> the specific way that chocolate is helping men prevent strokes in tonights health watch. your favorite guy, the rapper will i am was the first artist
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to have music blasted on the red planet. the mars rover at played it dj for four minutes. >> ♪ >> that is the debut broadcast of " reaching for the stars ". the new song features an orchestra and a children's choir. a front man said that he wanted,
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